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Different Roof Options for

Three Season Rooms

  • 3-inch Super Insulated Roof System – Long considered one of the strongest sunroom roofs in the industry! We use condensed foam with an aluminum outer layer as well as structural I-beams to add extra support. Our roofs are built to withstand maximum snow and wind loads. This option allows for shingling as well.

  • Gable Roof – Our gable roof, also known as a pitched roof or A-frame, slopes downward in two parts at an angle from a central ridge. This type of roof will give your three season room an eye-grabbing, dramatic look. You may add on Comfort-Gard® Glass Roof Panels, which are similar to skylights but they are flush with your roof to prevent snow and ice buildup. You may instead choose to install a solarium glass roof with this option.

  • Single-slope Roof – This type of roof is defined by a single, sloping surface and is attached at the building’s highest point of the roof slope. This is our most popular as well as economical option. You may add on Comfort-Gard® Glass Roof Panels, which are similar to skylights but they are flush with your roof to prevent snow and ice buildup. You may instead choose to install a solarium glass roof with this option.

  • Custom Wood Roof – If you are looking for a more unique type of look, a custom wood roof may be one to consider! However, these roofs tend to be more costly than our super insulated roof system due to the labor.

  • Existing Roof – If you have an existing covered patio, porch or breezeway you’d like to enclose, we are happy to incorporate it and transform it into the three season room you've been wanting! Every enclosure we product is custom designed and built, so we can make any size work.

5 Reasons to Build a Three Season Sunroom Addition

  1. Lifestyle Change - Whether you're an empty nester, expecting a new baby, or just got that raise, adding a three season sunroom to your home will improve your home life! Adding extra indoor space can improve your home's functionality and your happiness.

  2. Better Reflect Your Personality - Maybe you moved into a home with the intention of adding more space or converting a room but you just haven't gotten around to it. Are you ready to improve your day to day life? A three season sunroom addition can allow you to put your own personal touch on the house, allow you to spread your legs a little more and make you feel more at home.

  3. Improve Use of Space - Oftentimes, homes have a space that you just don't know what to do with. Perhaps it just goes to waste or it ends up being a place things just pile up in no organized fashion. There is always a creative way to shift things around to create a more useful space! There are tons of great sunroom ideas out there to help you make the best use of your space - and we are happy to help!

  4. Time For an Update - Bring your home back to life by adding the extra space you need to spread out! The new look will give you a more modern and stylish feel and will give you a heightened sense of pride in your home.

  5. Time to Sell - If it's come time for you to move out of your home and you notice comps in your neighborhood have an enjoyable deck or more indoor square footage, it is definitely worth it to add one of them on to quickly improve the value of your home. The investment will be well worth it in the end and your home is much more likely to sell quicker.

Benefits of Having a Three Season Room


The benefits of these versatile rooms are plenty! A three-season room is a sunroom that isn’t considered fully finished space. The heating, cooling and insulation are not like your interior rooms which are climate-controlled. Therefore, these rooms are generally only used during the warmer seasons. Here are just a few of the benefits to consider when trying to decide between a porch, a four-season sunroom, three-season sunroom, or another option.

Cost savings on a three season room versus a four season room

When compared to a four-season sunroom, there are a lot of savings to be had with a three-season porch. The more expensive insulation between the walls and energy efficient windows make the four season rooms much more expensive to build. Add to that the HVAC system that needs to be installed, and you’re looking at a much bigger price tag for the four season versus three-season sunroom.


Get some freedom from weather

While temperatures aren’t controlled, our three-season rooms are enclosed with double pane windows, so the weather remains outside when you want it to. This means you can keep the windows closed during a heavy rainstorm to keep wind and rain away while still enjoying the storm and your outdoor surroundings. Porches and decks do not allow this advantage, leaving wet, grimy furniture and decking. On nicer days, simply open the windows and you have an open-air porch feel.


Allergy protection while still feeling outdoors

A hard part of being an allergy sufferer is while you may love the outdoors, it can hard to enjoy them at certain times of the year. A three-season room can solve this problem! Enjoy all the natural sunlight streaming in and a great view of the nature surrounding you while still having the windows closed, blocking out irritating allergens.


No more pesky insects ruining your relaxation

One of the downsides of hanging out outdoors in the summer is the annoying presence of insects biting and buzzing. While screened-in porches can keep most of them out, many get through. A three-season porch is a great way to keep bugs from ruining your time enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of your property.

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