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Patio VS. Deck - Which one is right for you?

Patios and Decks are both stunning additions to your outdoor space. When the sun is shining, and the weather becomes warmer, decks and patios offer a place to soak in the sun. If you're looking to create an environment to host family gatherings and parties or have a little peaceful oasis, decks and patios are perfect choices. Regardless of which style you choose, there are plenty of options and avenues you can take to create the ideal set up for your needs. While there are many pros to both patios and decks, there are some differences between the two styles.

Before deciding on which one you would like, it's helpful to know how you would like to use the outdoor space. Whether you're looking for something that connects to the yard or something separate, that will be a deciding factor. Or if you want it to be a social space or quiet oasis, one of them will better fit than the other. The answers to these questions will help you determine which style might be a better fit for your home and what materials you would like to use. Below explains what patios and decks are and what they are best suited for in a backyard.


Patios are generally made with concrete, brick, or paver stones and flush to the ground. They are at an even level with the rest of your property, creating a seamless transition to the rest of the yard. If you're looking to create a focal point to your yard with a fire pit, shrubbery, and decor, patios are ideal. If you have a patio, you also have the option to add more function to your space, such as an outdoor kitchen for entertaining guests. The materials used for patios make it easy to incorporate decorative features and highlight some aspects of your property. If you're looking for a stunning outdoor area to entertain guests, host parties, and prepare dinner, a patio might be the option for you.


While patios are flush with the ground, decks are elevated above your property and typically made with wood. A deck creates a separation from the rest of your yard and offers a view of your property. With decks, there are generally railings to ensure safety around the perimeter. If you have children, decks might be a better option for you, as the material used is softer than a patio. It's important to mention that some cities require a permit for decks, so it's essential to look into that regarding your specific residence.

Decks are excellent for providing a peaceful place to drink your coffee in the morning and take in the view. They are more generally more costly than patios depending on size, materials, and features.

The Bottom Line

Whichever option you choose, a deck or patio will offer the serenity or entertaining outdoor space of your dream. Like anything else, there are pro's and con's to both, so it's essential to determine what you will use it for and what you want to create. Once you find answers to those questions, it will make the decision a lot easier, and you can enjoy your new outdoor oasis!

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